Following the standards of the Environment Working Group and the Cosmetic Database, we review and stringently study every product we use and sell. As our company products evolve, we will continue to research and partner with suppliers and manufacturers of the best quality products and those groups that align with our standards, and our environmental practices.

From our makeup line and the organic skincare lines we proudly use and sell, we do all we can to ensure that every ingredient in every bottle is kind to your skin and the environment. Radiant skin and responsible skincare are no longer mutually exclusive. Since nature gives us everything we need to look and feel beautiful, radiant skin is the payoff. Discover beauty and skincare with a clean conscience, and discover naturally beautiful skin.

We believe in customized makeup and that means safe and non toxic makeup created specifically for you and your coloring! We customize your foundation, eye shadow palettes and lipsticks for you at our custom blended lipstick station.

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